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​​            The inspiration behind Maple Ridge Soaps & Sundries was the discovery that our youngest child suffered from eczema.  A trip to the pediatrician resulted in our telling him about the natural skin care products we'd been making and using on her skin, and he recommended we keep doing what we were doing.  It worked so much better than the commercial products we had tried, which burned her skin. Twelve years later, we've made many friends and have enjoyed the journey.

             ​Natural products have made all the difference for Anna, as well as for our customers.  We've seen the results of using natural ingredients.  Our skin is the largest organ that our body has, taking in whatever we apply to it, and you can feel great about the natural products we offer.  

            We named our soap business "Maple Ridge Soaps & Sundries" because of a special place on our farm, called Maple Ridge.  It is our respite, our family time, and a blessing we are so grateful for.  

            Our products are all natural, our soaps are made with herbally infused oils and organic shea and cocoa butters, herbal teas, goat milk, and other nutritive oils, such as apricot, almond, and avocado oils.  Our oatmeal soaps contain an even higher amount of organic cocoa butter, along with organic colloidal oatmeal, to help exfoliate and nourish dry, itchy skin and bring needed relief. When you use natural products, they address the issue, and allow healing to occur.    

          If you like natural skin care products that are free of chemicals, synthetics, and fragrances, please give us a try.  

KET- Kentucky Life

KET travels to Brooksville, KY, where Maple Ridge Soaps owner Lana Bush shares how her daughter Anna’s sensitive skin became the inspiration behind her line of natural skin care products.